Lightning Talks (Regular and Technical Partners)

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Posters and Demonstrations - Chaired by Jon Matías (UPV/EHU, Spain)

Lightning Talks: The Runos OpenFlow Controller by Alexander Shalimov, Sergey Nizovtsev, Danila Morkovnik and Ruslan Smeliansky // On the Security of Software-Defined Networks by Abhinandan S Prasad, David Koll and Xiaoming Fu // Towards a Method for end-to-end SDN App Development by Christian Stritzke, Claudia Priesterjahn and Pedro Aranda Gutiérrez // Concept and Design of SDN-enhanced MPI Framework by
Keichi Takahashi, Dashdavaa Khureltulga, Baatarsuren Munkhdorj, Yoshiyuki Kido, Susumu Date, Hiroaki Yamanaka, Eiji Kawai and Shinji Shimojo // Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing: SDN-based Architectural Design and Open Source Implementation by Luca Davoli, Luca Veltri, Pier Luigi Ventre, Giuseppe Siracusano and Stefano Salsano // GÉANT Testbed Service External Domain Ports: A demo on multiple domain connectivity by Fabio Farina, Susanne Naegele-Jackson, Jerry Sobieski, Kim Kramaric, Michal Hazlinsky and Blazej Pietrzak // Monitoring Transport and Cloud for Network Functions Virtualization by Farnaz Moradi, Bertrand Pechenot and Jonas Mårtensson // TableVisor: An Emulation Layer for Multi-Table OpenFlow Switches by Steffen Gebert, Michael Jarschel, Stefan Herrnleben, Thomas Zinner and Phuoc Tran-Gia // DynPaC: a path computation framework for SDN by Alaitz Mendiola, Jasone Astorga, Eduardo Jacob, Marivi Higuero, Victor Fuentes and Aitor Urtasun // A virtual Service Provider for SOHO networks by Damien Saucez, Dino Farinacci, Luigi Iannone and Wassim Haddad // Mantoo - a set of management tools for controlling SDN experiments by Stefano Salsano, Pier Luigi Ventre, Francesco Lombardo, Giuseppe Siracusano, Matteo Gerola, Elio Salvadori, Michele Santuari, Mauro Campanella and Luca Prete // SDN and NFV in telecommunication network migration by Hagen Woesner and David Vermeiren

Technical Partner Lightning Talks: Unifying the Orchestration of Cloud and Network Resources: a Proof-of-Concept Prototype by Balázs Sonkoly, János Czentye, Róbert Szabó, Dávid Jocha, János Elek, Sahel Sahhaf, Wouter Tavernier and Fulvio Risso // QoS enriched Service Graph deployment over Optical access networks by Jon Matias, Jokin Garay, Victor Fuentes and Eduardo Jacob // Long Distance High Quality Media Transmission over FELIX Infrastructure by Łukasz Ogrodowczyk and Gino Carrozzo

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EWSDN Official Opening
Eduardo Jacob - University of the Basque Country - General Chair EWSDN 2015
ZTE Virtualization Solutions
Francisco Chimeno and Alberto Gurbindo (ZTE)
Multiple Flow in Extended SDN Wireless Mobility by Flávio Meneses, Daniel Corujo, Carlos Guimarães and Rui Aguiar
Technical Session 1: Wireless and Testing Chaired by Wolfang John (Ericsson Research, Sweden)
Network Function Chaining in DCs: the Unified Recurring Control Approach by Janos Elek, David Jocha and Robert Szabo.
Technical Session 2: Network and Service Chaining Chaired by Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT, Japan)
SDN Controller Design for Dynamic Chaining of Virtual Network Functions by Franco Callegati, Walter Cerroni, Chiara Contoli and Giuliano Santandrea
Technical Session 2: Network and Service Chaining - Chaired by Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT, Japan)
Keynote: Model-driven Mechanisms for OpenFlow Device Interoperability
Curt Beckmann (Brocade / Chair of the ONF’s Open Datapath Working Group)
HybridTE: Traffic Engineering for Very Low-Cost Software-Defined Data-Center Networks by Philip Wette and Holger Karl
Technical Session 3: SDN at the Data Center Chaired - Kostas Pentikousis (EICT, Germany)