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Questions about questions and free relatives



Serie bereko bideoak
Benjamin Spector
Homogeneity and plurals: from the stronger meaning hypothesis to supervaluations
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Corien Bary and Emar Maier
Unembedded indirect discourse
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Guillaume Thomas
Circumstantial modality and the diversity condition
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Andreea Nicolae
Encoding strength of exhaustivity within the question nucleus
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Florian Schwarz and Jacopo Romoli
An experimental comparison between presuppositions and indirect scalar implicatures
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Maribel Romero
Tense and Mood in Counterfactual Conditionals: the View from Spanish
2013(e)ko ira. 11(a)
Berit Gehrke and Louise McNally
Event individuation by objects: evidence from frequency adjectives
2013(e)ko ira. 12(a)
Lelia Glass
The creative and the fluffy: construing properties two ways in English D+Adj
2013(e)ko ira. 12(a)
Moshe Levin and Daniel Margulis
Universal quantifiers as existentials undercover: evidence from Hebrew kol
2013(e)ko ira. 12(a)
Gregory Scontras, Cheng-Yu Edwin Tsai, Kenneth Mai and Maria Polinsky
Chinese Scope: an experimental investigation
2013(e)ko ira. 12(a)